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A trip down memory lane at Kilmarnock Heights Home

A trip down memory lane at Kilmarnock Heights Home

Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Val Hearn with volunteer Bev Simonsen.
Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Val Hearn with volunteer Bev Simonsen.

Residents and staff of Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home took a trip down memory lane last week when they brought along their precious childhood items for all to admire.

Bev Simonsen, who has volunteered at the home for 10 years, says the activity was planned after she and Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Val Hearn were looking through a book about old-fashioned crafts together.

“When we looked at that book it took us on a wonderful trip down memory lane and we thought we would do that for everyone else to enjoy,” Bev explains.

“I’m really thrilled at what people brought along; it’s just lovely seeing all of these things and sharing the stories behind them. Some things are almost a hundred years old – it’s amazing what people hold on to.”

From cast-iron irons, doilies and tea cosy’s to trusty old copies of the Edmond’s cook book – there was something for everyone.

Kilmarnock Heights recreation officer Jenny Ralph says ‘Down Memory Lane’ sparked memories for all, and was a chance to reminisce.

“Our memories are precious and reminiscing on all the wonderful moments in one’s childhood is an important reminder of what we’ve accomplished and experienced,” Jenny explains.

“It also shows how much has changed over the years!”

Jenny says Kilmarnock Heights residents are involved in organising daily happenings and special events at the home, such as ‘Down Memory Lane’, which makes for a mixed social calendar.

“Having an environment where spontaneous activities take place is what keeps life fun and exciting for our residents. Plus it puts the power in the hands of our residents because they choose what they want to do.”

That’s because Kilmarnock Heights Home embraces the Eden Alternative – an elder-directed model of care that encourages spontaneity and meaningful activity.

Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, provides rest home, respite and convalescent care as well as a popular Day Activity programme.

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