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Abingdon Village: a beautiful lifestyle

Abingdon Village: a beautiful lifestyle

Abingdon Village resident Joyce Johnson.
Abingdon Village resident Joyce Johnson.

For 92-year-old Joyce Johnson, beautiful surrounds and peace of mind made a move to Enliven’s Abingdon Retirement Village an easy decision.

Situated in the heart of St John’s Hill, Joyce says the village’s gardens and view over Whanganui really made it stand out.

“I have a passion for views and I looked out the window here and thought it would be a great place to live,” Joyce explains.

Almost three years later, Joyce says she’s still happy with her decision.

“Everyone that comes to visit me here tells me how lovely it is. I feel very lucky to have the view that I do.”

Joyce says she enjoys living independently, but she finds comfort in knowing help is available if she ever needs it.

“It’s a good arrangement here, you know someone can help if you need it but you also are left to yourself.”

That’s because Abingdon Village has a village coordinator on hand, and Enliven can arrange short or long-term healthcare assistance, practical home help, personal care services, meals and house keeping services, not to mention residents are given preferential entry to Whanganui’s popular Kowhainui Home if needed.

Other than enjoying peace of mind, Joyce says the social aspects of living at Abingdon Village can’t be beat.

“As you get older you don’t get out and about as much and you can get lonely, but moving here means there are people nearby and somebody’s always around,” Joyce explains.

“We’re all friends here. We get together for lunch in the village house each day, we go on outings together and have movie afternoons and the staff visit every day to see how we are – it’s nice to have visitors.”

Joyce says retirees can find everything they need at Abingdon Village.

“The people are friendly, help is always on hand, the place is beautiful, it’s comfortable and it suits my lifestyle.”

Enliven is part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central. Any surpluses generated are used to improve and develop its Enliven and Family Works services and facilities.

Abingdon Retirement Village is located at 22 Oakland Avenue, St John’s Hill in Whanganui. Click here to find out more about Abingdon Village.

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