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Baby bunnies a hit at Kilmarnock Heights Home

Baby bunnies a hit at Kilmarnock Heights Home

Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Doreen Hearfield with one of the home’s baby bunnies.

Baby bunnies are the latest attraction at Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home in Berhampore.

The rest home got two rabbits, named Adam and Eve, in November last year. The pair are now proud parents of seven, which have been welcomed with open arms explains Kilmarnock Heights Home recreation team leader Annelize Steyn.

“The residents can cuddle them and it’s such a beauti

ul moment to watch. Their eyes light up around the bunnies and the room is filled with smiles.”

Annelize says having pets at Kilmarnock Heights Home has many benefits, including providing companionship, giving residents an opportunity to nurture, to help trigger memories and to spark conversation.

“One resident becomes a completely different person when the bunnies come out,” Annelize explains.

“She tells the story of how she grew up on a farm and her father would come home after working in the fields with a bunny in his pocket and she would raise it. The bunnies spark that beautiful memory for her.”

When the rabbits get older some will be rehomed at another Enliven home in Wellington, as well as to staff and people in the community.

Until then, residents of Kilmarnock Heights Home will enjoy the company of their young, fluffy companions.

Kilmarnock Heights Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provides rest home and respite care as well as a popular day guest programme.

For more information about Kilmarnock Heights Home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, call 04 380 2034 or click here.

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