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Kilmarnock Heights Home elders help homeless animals

Kilmarnock Heights Home elders help homeless animals

Kilmarnock Heights Home residents and volunteers donate to the SPCA.

Residents of Kilmarnock Heights Home in Berhampore are helping to keep SPCA animals snuggly and warm at night, by donating 30 knitted blankets.

Last week residents from the Enliven home took a trip to the SPCA in Newtown to gift the blankets, along with a basket of homemade biscuits to help with the SPCA’s open day on Waitangi Day.

Kilmarnock Heights Home recreation team leader Annelize Steyn says the connection with the SPCA is now a long standing one.

“It’s tradition now. When the SPCA has an open day residents knit blankets and donate them to the animals there,” Annelize explains.

“We have a knitting group which was started by a resident and they enjoy having projects, like knitting blankets for the puppies. The SPCA appreciates the donations and the residents feel good about giving back to their community.”

One of the SPCA caregivers accepted the blankets in the car park because some of the residents have mobility issues. She also brought a puppy out with her, which the Kilmarnock Heights Home elders took turns to hold.

Annelize says the home has established a great relationship with the SPCA over the years, and SPCA volunteers visit Kilmarnock Heights Home about three times a week accompanied by a few furry friends.

“They bring different animals each time and the residents absolutely love it. Having contact with animals and people on a regular basis is very important.”

Kilmarnock Heights Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provides rest home and respite care as well as a popular day guest programme.

For more information about Kilmarnock Heights Home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, call 04 380 2034 or click here.

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