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Cashmere Heights Home welcoming couples

Cashmere Heights Home welcoming couples

Cashmere Heights Home residents Ivy and Punnyawana Fernando.
Cashmere Heights Home residents Ivy and Punnyawana Fernando.

For husband and wife, Punnyawana and Ivy Fernando, needing to move into residential care doesn’t mean having to be apart.

After being together for 60 years, Punnyawana and Ivy reached a point in their lives where they both needed extra support.

Punnyawana needed rest home care, while his wife needed hospital level care, which meant continuing to live together wasn’t a likely option… or so they thought.

“I couldn’t manage looking after her because of my own health conditions. She’s 101 and I’m 89; we couldn’t live safely by ourselves anymore,” Punnyawana explains.

That’s when they found Enliven’s Cashmere Heights Home in Johnsonville, a hospital level home that can cater to their different needs.

The couple now lives happily together at Cashmere Heights Home. Their two rooms are joined by an ensuite bathroom in-between, which Punnyawana says suits them perfectly.

“We share a room but we have two rooms so we use the spare room as our lounge for social gatherings.”

He says they’re happy they chose Cashmere Heights as their new home.

“It’s been very good here. Our family live nearby and they can visit whenever they like,” explains Punnyawana.

“The friendliness of the staff is what I like the most, and it’s a peaceful place.”

Cashmere manager Aileen Oliver says Cashmere Heights Home and its sister-site Cashmere Home, also by Enliven, part of Presbyterian Support Central, make an effort to accommodate couples where they can.

“We fit in with people’s different needs; the Fernando’s wanted to live somewhere as a couple but they both need different levels of care,” Aileen explains.

“They wanted a home inside a home with added care, and we could do that for them because we have new large rooms with joint ensuites, so they didn’t have to be separated. Moving into a home should simply be a change of address, not a change in lifestyle.”

Enliven’s Cashmere Heights Home specialises in hospital-level care as well as respite, rehabilitation and convalescent care. For more information about Cashmere Heights Home, located at 16 Helston Road in Johnsonville, click here. 

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