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Cashmere resident defies odds

Cashmere resident defies odds

Cashmere Home resident Thomas Martindale.

Time is precious. Johnsonville’s Thomas Martindale knows that all too well.

Thomas was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2013, but it was seemingly dormant until last year.

“My third chemotherapy session didn’t go well. My legs swelled up and I couldn’t walk or stand and I became very sick. I was transferred to a hospice and was told I had two days to live,” says Thomas.

But Thomas defied the odds.

“A week passed and I became more and more alert,” he explains.

Thomas was alive, but unable to stand unaided, let alone walk. He needed full time care.

That’s when he moved to Enliven’s Cashmere Home in Johnsonville.

Since then he’s been supported to walk again. He has his independence back.

“They have been wonderful here. When I came in I couldn’t walk or stand unassisted. Now I can get around on my own and I only use a walking stick if I feel I need to. I couldn’t have asked for anything better in the way I have been treated and cared for,” Thomas explains.

“The Cashmere staff are so caring, efficient and so concerned for your wellbeing. You get a smile every time they see you. They are so warm and nothing is too much trouble.”

Thomas says although he misses living at home with his wife, he is happy to be at Cashmere Home.

“My wife, Jan, chose Cashmere Home for me and I’m very grateful – she couldn’t have chosen better. Warmth permeates the whole place. It’s a place of mates. That’s the nature of this place – I feel at home here,” says Thomas.

“My wife is also so accepted here. Whenever the staff see her they acknowledge her and are warm to her. That’s like any other visitor here, they are all welcome. My wife has meals with me a few times a week in the evenings and she enjoys the food as well.”

Thomas says it has been an emotional journey for himself and his loved ones, but he’s thankful for the time he has.

“I’m 83 years old and I’m very lucky that I have this time. If I can’t live at home then this is the place I want to be.”

Cashmere Home, along with its sister-site Cashmere Heights Home, are operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provide rest home, hospital, respite and health recovery care from Helston Road in Johnsonville.

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