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Celebrating our children

Celebrating our children

Celebrating Children’s Day

Celebrate our children Family Works says

2 March 2018

It’s New Zealand Children’s Day on Sunday 4 March 2018 and the Presbyterian Support Central Family Works team is encouraging families to celebrate the children in their lives.

Family Works General Manager Julia Hennessy says the dedicated day is an opportunity to think about how we support our children/tamariki and contribute to their positive development.

New Zealand Children’s Day has been operating since 1999, having been set up by the first Children’s Commissioner, Ian Hassall.

Ms Hennessy said the national day was a chance to reflect that not all children live in safe and positive environments.

“This day puts the spotlight on children and gives us the opportunity to think about building communities where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

“At Family Works we provide a range of services that are designed to help build strong families and communities.  This is where families and children are free from violence, share healthy relationships and have the resources they need to flourish.”

On Sunday make the day special for New Zealand children by taking time to talk, listen, love and show affection, Ms Hennessy said.

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