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Coombrae Village ‘suits our lifestyle’

Coombrae Village ‘suits our lifestyle’

Coombrae Village residents Cyril and Beryl Norris.
Coombrae Village residents Cyril and Beryl Norris.

For retirees Cyril and Beryl Norris, moving to Enliven’s Coombrae Village in Feilding means they have the freedom of independent living while knowing help is on hand if they need it.

Originally from England but formerly living in Dannevirke, Cyril and his wife Beryl moved to Coombrae Village four years ago to give their daughter peace of mind.

“Our daughter lives in Feilding and said we’re both coming up to 90 so we should make the move to a retirement village sooner rather than later. We could see it was the most sensible thing to do,” Cyril explains.

That’s when Cyril and Beryl found Feilding’s Coombrae Village.

“The villas are a very reasonable price here and we liked the location. They are very good to us here.”

Cyril says the independence and security at Coombrae is what drew them to the village.

“You can do all the gardening yourself or it can be done for you, a security guard comes around at night and keeps an eye on the village and each morning someone comes over from Coombrae Home to see if we’re ok and if we need anything.”

The couple says they also enjoy the location of the village and the social life.

“We’re happy here because it suits our lifestyle. We like the atmosphere and the easy way of life. There’s a bus route outside, we’re close to shops, and we like the company – it’s good to know your neighbours.”

They say another reason for choosing Coombrae Village was because of the neighbouring Coombrae Home, which is also owned by Enliven.

“We find comfort in having the home next door because there’s easy access to medical attention. When we’ve called the home for help in the past they’ve been over straight away.”

Enliven can arrange short or long-term healthcare assistance, practical home help, personal care services, meals, and house keeping services.

Village residents are also given preferential entry into Enliven’s rest homes, including Coombrae Home, as well as Willard Home and Brightwater Home in nearby Palmerston North.

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