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Country life at Kandahar Home

Country life at Kandahar Home

Kandahar resident Hazel with her daughter Gloria.
Kandahar resident Hazel with her daughter Gloria.

For Kandahar Home mother and daughter duo Hazel Mckie and Gloria Semmens, farming has always been a part of life.

“We’re country people,” Gloria explains. “Mum’s lived in the country for most of her life and my dad worked on farms for most of his. Farming is in our blood.”

Born and bred in Masterton, Gloria lives on a lifestyle block with her husband, a retired farmer, and works part time at Kandahar Home as a laundress where she has spent the last 24 years.

“I started as a caregiver at Kandahar but I hurt my back. I got the laundry job and I’ve been here ever since. I love the job here. I thought when I stopped being a caregiver I wouldn’t see the residents as much but I still get one-on-one time with them and I love that.”

Now Gloria gets to spend more time with her mother, Hazel, who moved to Kandahar Home a few months ago.

“It came to the time when my mum needed extra help, so she came here. It’s a lot of stress off my shoulders because I know she’s well looked after.”

Gloria says for residents who have lived and worked on farms their whole lives, having to give up the country lifestyle to move to a rest home can be a difficult transition.

“At first I thought mum would find the move hard, but living at Kandahar means she gets the support she needs while still being part of a rural community.”

Hazel says she enjoys living at Kandahar Home, especially with her daughter working there, but that wasn’t her only reason for choosing Kandahar.

“Our life was on farms and my husband was always working on farms. I’ve lived in other places but I always seem to come back to the Wairarapa because I love it here,” Hazel explains.

Kandahar is in town but it’s a rural area. I can still see the horses in the paddock next door when I look out my window. It’s home here.”

Kandahar Home offers rest home, hospital, respite and convalescent care. For more information about Kandahar Home, located at 8 Roberts Road in Masterton, click here. 

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