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Couple enjoys quality time at Kowhainui

Couple enjoys quality time at Kowhainui

Kowhainui Home is a home away from home for George Sturmey.

Kowhainui Home has become home to one Whanganui woman and a ‘home away from home’ for her husband.

The home, operated by Enliven, does everything it can to ensure family and whānau feel welcome and are involved with the home when their loved one moves into care.

Whanganui couple, George and Marjorie Sturmey, are just one of many couples that have experienced that first-hand.

The couple, who have been married for 50 years, found out they had to live separately when Marjorie needed hospital level care.

George says the staff at Kowhainui made them feel welcome from the second they arrived.

“We liked the location, the environment and the feel of the place. The rooms are nice and big and all the people get along with each other. It’s perfect here. We can spend more time together,” says George.

“I’m retired so I’m here most of the time visiting and they’re quite happy for me to stay with Marjorie sometimes. They’re very good in that way.”

For Marjorie, who needs hospital level care, George says the care at Kowhainui is second to none.

“I’m happy with the care that Marjorie is receiving. The nurses are very caring and pleasant. You have to be a certain kind of person to be able to do this job,” says George.

“They’re very accommodating. I don’t think you could get any better.”

Kowhainui Home manager Des McGrath explains that Kowhainui Home has no set visiting hours, family members are welcome to join their loved one for a meal, and they accommodate couples where they can.

“We fit in with people’s different needs. For couples who come to live here together we often manage to arrange for them to have rooms next door to each other, or as close as possible,” says Des.

“In some cases couples sleep in the same room and use the other room as their own personal lounge, which makes it feel more like home for them.

“We believe that moving into a home should simply be a change of address, not a change in lifestyle, and after many couples have spent much of their life together they shouldn’t have to be apart because they need additional care.”

Kowhainui Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and specialises in rest home and hospital care from its location at 88 Virginia Road in Whanganui.

For more information about Kowhainui Home click here.

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