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Discover the beauty of retirement with Abingdon

Discover the beauty of retirement with Abingdon

Abingdon Village resident Ted Downing.
Abingdon Village resident Ted Downing.

With a long and successful art career under his belt, Ted Downing wanted his place of retirement to match the beauty of an oil painting. That’s when Enliven’s Abingdon Village caught his eye.

“I always knew about Abingdon, it’s drop dead gorgeous with beautiful gardens and country cottages. It’s quite picturesque.”

Two years on, Ted says he couldn’t be happier with his decision.

“I moved in a couple of years ago and I’ve never regretted a minute of it. Each day I get out of bed and look at my beautiful surroundings.”

He says the beauty of the village doesn’t stop there either.

“I get a lot of joy from the people here. We have the village manor house where I go for a cup of tea each day and others go for meals. It gives us a community focus.”

Born in Whanganui, Ted moved to Wellington for 35 years where he owned several galleries before returning to Whanganui to retire.

“I felt if I wasn’t working in art I wouldn’t have a pulse. It’ becomes such a big part of your life. I still do art today. I’m so busy here.”

At 80 years old, Ted says retirement isn’t about slowing down.

“Life at Abingdon is so busy for me. My calendar is always full. Of course you can relax and do nothing if you wish, but I like being busy.”

While keeping occupied is important to Ted, he says his mobility isn’t what it used to be and he feels comfort knowing help is close-by if he needs it.

“The village coordinator checks in on everyone regularly. She’s really good at telling if something’s not right. It’s nice knowing that somebody’s looking out for you.”

Abingdon Retirement Village can arrange short or long-term healthcare assistance, practical home help, personal care services, meals and house keeping services. Abingdon residents are also given preferential entry into the popular Kowhainui Home, also operated by Enliven.

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