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We believe everybody
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Community support
Community support

Everyone wants to lead a fulfilling life, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Enliven Central provides a number of services for people living in their own homes or with family. Designed to provide elders with a chance to get out of the house, to keep active and to socialise with others at a similar stage of life, while giving family carers a chance to take a break, Enliven’s community services include:

Enliven Central is able to provide support for older people who need short-term care and support, either in their own homes or at one of ours. This may be when your family or usual carer is taking a holiday, or when you’re recovering following surgery or illness.

Day programmes 
Enliven Central hosts a number of Day Guest Programmes, for older people living in their own homes or with family members, in the community. They provide not only companionship and opportunities to socialise with others at a similar stage in life, but also a hugely varied programme of fun activities.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that can significantly improve various health conditions.The slow, gentle and deliberate movements of Tai Chi, makes it the ideal method for older people to maintain and improve optimal health. We currently offer classes throughout Wellington and Kapiti.

Continence advice and products
Enliven’s discreet Continence Service includes caring, comprehensive advice and education to help you develop healthy bladder and bowel habits, as well as free assessments and samples. We stock a range of competitively priced, quality-assured, reusable or disposable products that can be delivered direct to your door.

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