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Rest homes
Rest homes

Enliven Central provides a full range of residential care services including rest home, hospital and dementia care, as well as day activity programmes, respite and convalescent care.

There are many reasons why people move into residential care, but it usually comes at times when things at home are becoming a struggle or health is deteriorating. At Enliven Central we understand it can be distressing, so we work hard to make sure each resident really does feel like they’ve come home.

At an Enliven rest home you can be assured we’ll not only provide fantastic clinical care and practical day-to-day support, but we’ll look after your emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing too. Our staff will support you to maintain your independence and continue to enjoy the things they love.

After all, we all want to feel engaged, purposeful, and most of all…happy!

Enliven’s residents call the shots

Everyone wants to lead a fulfilling life, whatever their age and wherever they live. Residents at Enliven Central’s rest homes are leading the field when it comes to maintaining control, and feeling a sense of purpose and fun in their lives.

At Enliven Central’s rest homes we support each resident to enjoy life and have fun doing the things they love. We’ll support you to make important decisions about your life and the care you receive. Of course, you can also be involved in decisions about the running of the home, such as what’s included on the social calendar and who we employ to manage the home – it’s your home, why wouldn’t you be involved!?

For more information about Enliven Central’s philosophy read about the Eden Alternative.

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