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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

What makes Enliven rest homes different to others?

Each Enliven Central rest home is different; they all have a unique character determined by the wonderful residents and staff. But what makes our rest homes stand out from the rest is the elder-directed model of care, called the Eden Alternative. At Enliven Central’s rest homes you call the shots. We’ll support you to maintain your independence and routines, and to continue with your hobbies, interests and passions. Your pet is welcome to move in with you if it ‘gets on’ with other people and animals and your grandchildren and other family are always welcome to visit. If you’re a gardener we have plenty of space and if you’re a cook, our chef is always looking for a helping hand! Read more about the Eden Alternative.

Can I bring my pet with me?

We know that pets are often a big part of the family! So small pets, including cats and dogs, are welcome at Enliven’s rest homes, as long as they ‘get on’ with other people and animals. We do ask that you discuss this with us so we can make sure you and your pet will be happy with the arrangements.

Will my family and grandchildren be allowed to visit?

Of course! After all, this is your home. Your family and friends are an important part of your life and they are always welcome to visit. Residents at our home often have family and friends visit for the day or join them for meals.

May I bring my own furniture? Is my family allowed to decorate my room?

Of course! This is your home. The private rooms can be furnished, but you’re invited to make the space your own. You can bring along your own familiar furniture and furnishings. Many residents bring along photos, artwork, ornaments, furniture and bed covers.

My spouse needs more support than I do, but we want to be together, can you help?

In a situation where one of you needs more support than the other there are a number of options. Many of Enliven Central’s rest homes are situated next to our retirement villages. This can be a perfect arrangement for couples where one spouse wants to live independently, while the other needs more complex care and support. If you’ve both been assessed as needing residential care, many of our homes provide a combination of rest home, hospital and dementia care. Where there are rooms available you may even choose to take two rooms, side-by-side.

Can I come visit for a few days to see if I like it?

Of course, as long as we have a room available you’re welcome to visit for a short time. People often choose to do this when their family or support people are also taking a break. This can be paid for privately, or there may be funding available. Feel free to call us to discuss the options available.