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Spark of Life dementia care
Spark of Life dementia care

Enliven Central embraces the Spark of Life philosophy in dementia care. It’s all about returning the sparkle to the eyes of those with advanced dementia and reigniting their passion for life.

Dementia can be distressing – for both the person experiencing it and their families and loved ones. The Spark of Life philosophy is a practical approach to dementia care that concentrates on connecting with the person with dementia and understanding their perspective. It’s a true heart-to-heart connection that can rekindle a spirit and restore zest for life.

The name, Spark of Life, refers to regaining the sparkle in the eyes of those with advanced dementia, the sign of a healthy and happy spirit.

Why Spark of Life?

The aim of Spark of Life is to enrich the lives of people with dementia and empower them to thrive. It supports Enliven staff and families to interact in ways that keep people with dementia connected to the world around them.

Enliven Central has found the Spark of Life approach, which provides those with dementia the both the emotional and physical care they need, often results in improvement in language, memory, self-esteem and social interactions.

Spark of Life also works in perfect harmony with Enliven Central’s Eden philosophy of care. This elder-directed philosophy of care encourages older people to keep their independence, stay active and engage with others. Read more about Eden.

The principles of Spark of Life

The Spark of Life approach is underpinned by three core principles, and each principle is supported by practical strategies to use when approaching someone with dementia.

  1. Shift your focus: emphasise the positive not the negative.
  2. Share your heart: connect with your loving side and share it in how you think, speak and act.
  3. Shine your light: be and show the best you can be.

Visit the Spark of Life website for more information.

Enliven Central dementia care

All Enliven rest homes are able to care for people with early signs of dementia. However, we also offer specialist dementia care facilities in: