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Enliven’s next top model

Enliven’s next top model

The photograph captures a card game at Coombrae Village in Feilding.
The photograph captures a card game at Coombrae Village in Feilding.

Residents of Enliven’s Homes and Villages become models for a day while the photographer captures a glimpse into their lives.

Enliven external relations manager Alisha Kennedy says residents volunteer to be part of the photoshoots to help promote Enliven’s villages and rest homes around the central North Island.

Alisha says Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, prefers to use its own residents as models for many reasons.

“It adds authenticity to the photoshoot. The residents want to participate because they love where they live and want to help promote it to others,” Alisha explains.

“We could hire actors, but having real residents in the photographs means the photos are genuine and un-staged. They simply carry on with their daily routines and activities while we take photographs, meaning the end result reflects real life.”

Not only does having residents as models create great photographs, it’s also a lot of fun.

“One resident who took part in the photoshoot told me she likes how no two days are ever quite the same at their Enliven Retirement Village, and being part of the photoshoot was a testament to that.”

Enliven embraces the Eden Alternative, an elder-directed model of care that aims to fill daily life with variety, spontaneity and meaningful activity. Click here to find out more about the Eden Alternative.

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