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Family unite at Kowhainui

Family unite at Kowhainui

Kowhainui sisters Gwen Hessell, Peggy Sturzaker and Molly Fyfe.
Kowhainui sisters Gwen Hessell, Peggy Sturzaker and Molly Fyfe.

Three Whanganui sisters have united to make the most of life at Enliven’s Kowhainui Home and Village.

Sisters Peggy Sturzaker, Gwen Hessell and Molly Fyfe all decided to make Kowhainui their home after they witnessed how much their brother enjoyed the rest home.

“I think it’s the best home in town. We have lived in Whanganui all our lives and everybody in Whanganui knows of Kowhianui. We were so happy that our brother came here because they looked after him so well for the five years he was here,” says Peggy.

“I was so happy with my brother’s care that I put my name down for one of the rental units and I’ve lived there for almost five years – I’ve been happy and settled since the day I moved in.”

Gwen joined her sister early last year when she moved into one of the rental units, while Molly joined her sisters at Kowhainui four months ago when she became a resident of Kowhainui Home.

“We are a close family. We get together and enjoy everything Kowhainui has to offer. We’re a happy bunch here, but we’re not in each others pockets. It’s a community here.”

Gwen agrees. She says although they’re living in the same community within the wider community, they still have their independence and their space.

“If you’re lonely here it’s your own fault because there’s so much to do, but you still have your privacy and that’s very important,” says Gwen.

“We all have met nice people here and the staff are very special people. We all go to the home for a midday meal and we join in with activities. It’s a nice place.”

Kowhainui Home and Village offers rest home and hospital care, a day programme, rental and a boutique retirement village, making it perfect for ageing families who need different levels of support.

Kowhainui Home and Village are all operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central. For more information about the Kowhainui community, free phone 0508 ENLIVEN (that’s 0508 36 54 83) or click here.  

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