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About Family Works

Family Works is a family-focused social service agency. We support and empower children, teens, families, whānau and communities to thrive and reach their full potential.

Our vision is for Aotearoa New Zealand to be the best place in the world to grow up – a place where children, families and whānau truly flourish.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. Your background, your support networks and your future is different to that of your neighbour. But we support all families, especially those facing challenges such as parenting, separation, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, poverty, abuse, and violence. During these times we can walk alongside you and your family to help you make positive changes. We work with you to use the strengths and resources you already have.

Our services include:

Family Works Central receives some government funding to provide some of our services, but we also rely on the generosity of individuals, trusts and foundations in our communities. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always cover the full cost of providing these services to everyone who needs them. Where possible we provide our services for free, but in some cases you may be asked to make a contribution. We can discuss this when you contact us.


Family Works GM Presents at Family Violence Seminar

Family Works Central’s general manager Julia Hennessy recently presented at Superu’s What works for children exposed to family violence seminar.

Julia joined a group of experts from around New Zealand to discuss what the providers are doing for children, and what they might do differently in response to the latest research.

Julia presented on Te Ara Whānau, Family Solutions – Family Works’ intensive, wrap-around service model. Originally gifted by the Essex Country Council, Family Solutions is now being adopted as the national model for Family Works around New Zealand.

You can view a video of Julia’s presentation here.

To view Julia’s presentation slides visit here.

Julia was also involved in a panel discussion which can be viewed here.

For more information on Te Ara Whanau, Family Solutions visit here.
For more information on Superu and their seminar visit here.