Family Works Central

Making Aotearoa New Zealand
the best place to raise children
in flourishing families

Our family

Family Works Central is part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central.

Presbyterian Support CentralIn fact, as Presbyterian Support Central, we’ve been walking alongside people, regardless of age, background or religious belief, for more than 100 years!

Our story started in 1909 when Reverend Dr. James Gibb, Minister of St John’s Presbyterian Church in Wellington, initiated a project to care for orphaned and destitute children.

This was at a time when a basic social welfare system was not in place in New Zealand and Presbyterian Support moved to meet the need.

Visit the Presbyterian Support Central website.

Enliven Central

Enliven CentralToday, as well as offering Family Works services, Presbyterian Support Central also provides a full range of services for older New Zealanders through Enliven.

For retirees Enliven offers boutique retirement villages where you can live independently in a safe and vibrant community in beautiful surroundings.

If you need more support, Enliven offers rest home, hospital and dementia care services with a focus on enjoying the things you love.

And, no matter your age, Enliven offers practical home help and rehabilitation services so you can maintain your independence at home.

Visit the Enliven Central website.