Family Works Central

Making Aotearoa New Zealand
the best place to raise children
in flourishing families

Our supporters

They come from all over the lower North Island and beyond. They come from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures.

Some of them have been involved with Presbyterian Support Central and its Family Works services for decades, others for just a few weeks or months. Yet each and every one of them shows a commitment to supporting people and communities in need.

Who are these people?

These are the members, volunteers, supporters, agencies, parishes, community groups and businesses that walk alongside us to make a difference in people’s lives.

Without you and your shared vision and values, our communities would struggle. Of course there are too many of you to name individually. But on behalf of all of the people we work with in the community and the team at Family Works Central, we thank you.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller.

In the past three years we received significant support from the following trusts and foundations:

  • Eastern and Central Community Trust: to promote and deliver parenting programmes in South Wairarapa
  • Hutt Mana Charitable Trust: to support work in Upper Hutt
  • Infinity Foundation: to support costs of social work in Whanganui
  • Wairarapa Trust House: towards the cost replacing the Family Works van
  • Margaret Watt Children Trust: for counselling services for children and young people in Whanganui
  • COGS (Whanganui): for the Boundaries programme that supports families who have experienced family violence
  • COGS (Wellington): for counselling for children and young people in Wellington
  • COGS (North Taranaki): for family violence counselling in North Taranaki
  • TG McCarthy Trust: supporting Family Works Wairarapa’s Wisdom and Wellbeing Group
  • Tindall Foundation: supporting Family Works’ St Martin’s Project in Porirua, the Wait, Watch, Wonder parenting programme in Whanganui and the South Wairarapa food bank
  • Winton and Margaret Bear Charitable Trust: for counselling and psychotherapy for vulnerable children in Wellington
  • Whanganui Community Foundation: for Family Works Wanganui
  • James Gibb Fund: for counselling for children, adults and families in the Waitara area
  • St Johns in the City: for counselling for disadvantaged children, young people and families in Wellington.