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Community support

When communities are flourishing, safe and vibrant, their people thrive.

Family Works Central is proud to be responsive to community need in developing and providing a range of services and supports in response to the needs of our local communities.

Support networks

Where Family Works has found a need it has established and hosted support networks for people who are feeling isolated from their friends and family. These groups currently include:

Restorative justice (Wairarapa)

Restorative justice is about restoring the community’s involvement in the justice process. If you have been affected by an offence you may be offered a chance to take part in a restorative justice conference. The conference process involves the victims and offenders talking in a safe environment with the support of trained Family Works restorative justice facilitators. Read more about our restorative justice service in the Wairarapa.

Out of Gate

Family Works Central supports women being released from Arohata Prison, near Wellington, to settle back into the community after spending time in prison. The Out of Gate programme, funded by the Department of Corrections, is available for women who have spent less than two years in prison. Read more about Family Works and Out of Gate.