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Relationship counselling

If you feel like issues in your relationship are becoming overwhelming, or perhaps you’re wanting to  build additional strengths into a good relationship,  Family Works can help.  Many couples experience ‘rocky patches’ in their relationship so you are not alone.

Family Works has qualified and experienced counsellors and family therapists who can assist and support you to navigate the “rocky patches” and work alongside you to create a more loving and fulfilling relationship.

Couples or relationship counselling for couples can support you and your partner to:

  • acknowledge, explore and understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and those of your partner become more aware of each others values and motivations
  • truly listen to each other and raise difficult topics in a safe environment
  • resolve your differences in a constructive way and manage challenging issues together
  • develop helpful ways to communicate with each other
  • develop positive parenting strategies
  • help you see things in a more positive and hopeful light
  • set goals and learn ways to enhance your relationship.

The number of counselling sessions you will need depends on the complexity of the issues you are facing. Everyone is different. Some people benefit from just a single session, although most people will need a number of sessions.

Following counselling, many couples describe feeling more alive, more intimate and more connected with one another.

However, if you do decide to separate, Family Works counselling can help you together or individually to manage feelings of grief, loss or anger, understand how relationships change and support you in letting go and moving forward in a position direction.  Family Works staff  can also assist in helping you to make the best possible plans for the ongoing care of any children you may have.

Available in…

Family Works offers counselling for couples and individuals in Taranaki, Whanganui, Manawatu, Wellington, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa. In many cases the sessions are able to be subsidised or provided free of charge thanks to funding from government and the community.

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