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Connecting with your Child

Connecting with your child (or teen)

Having a great relationship with your children and/or teenagers makes parenting much easier. But, like every relationship, we need to work at establishing, and then maintaining, this connection.

Family Works Taranaki’s Connecting with your Children/Teen courses will help you better understand your children and/or teenagers. It will also teach you some practical tips and specific tools for building and maintaining good relationships with them. Topics include:

  • the importance of your role as a parent
  • child/adolescent development stages and how this knowledge can help you
  • guiding your children or teenagers
  • communicating with your children or teenagers
  • parenting styles and behaviours

Courses for the parents of children under 12 are usually run separately from the parents of teenagers. This provides the opportunity to focus on age specific patterns, behaviours and issues. For example: encouraging teenagers to make positive choices when alcohol, drugs and risky behaviour are an issue.

Available in…

The Connecting with your Child/Teen programme is currently available in Taranaki. If you are looking for a similar service in another region please contact us to discuss your needs.

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