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Negotiating the Minefield

Sometimes being the parent or caregiver to a teenager can feel like negotiating a minefield. This is particularly true when your teen is stressed or distressed.

Family Works’ Negotiating the Minefields programme has been designed to help you understand your teenager’s situation and provide a variety of helpful and proactive strategies. Over six weeks the topics include:

  • understanding your teenager and the adolescent brain
  • staying in control and develop strategies to help your sanity
  • engaging and communicating with your teen, including reprogramming automatic responses
  • contracts, negotiating and staying firm
  • problem solving techniques and developing win/win situations
  • supporting your teen to develop more appropriate responses to life and have greater life options.

Negotiating the Minefields is designed to be an empowering programme that uses the skills and resources you already have. You’ll gain valuable insights from other parents as you discuss strategies and share experiences.

Upcoming Negotiating the Minefield programmes

New Plymouth 
Date: Wednesdays, 16 May to 20 June (six sessions)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: Family Works, 51 Buller Street, New Plymouth
Cost: $10 (covers all 6 sessions)
Facilitator: Sophia Robinson
To register: phone us on 06 758 5037

Negotiating the Minefields is currently available in Taranaki. If you are looking for a similar service in another region please contact us to discuss your needs.


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