Family Works Central

Making Aotearoa New Zealand
the best place to raise children
in flourishing families

Support for families

Family Works is on a mission to make New Zealand, truly, the best place in the world to grow up.

To do this, we need to make sure families are strong and flourishing. We provide a range of services and support for families.

Counselling and social work

These services are available for individuals, including children, teenagers and adults, couples and families. Read more about Family Works Central’s counselling and social work services.

Parenting programmes

Parenting programmes are available for parents and caregivers. These practical programmes will help you understand your child’s development and learn how to positively manage challenging situations and behaviour. Read more about Family Works Central’s parenting support.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

FDR is a Ministry of Justice funded initiative, designed to help families reach agreement on parenting arrangements after a separation or divorce. Read more about Family Dispute Resolution.

Strengthening Families

This coordination service is available for families that are accessing support from more than one government agency or social service organisation. Read more about Strengthening Families.

Support networks

Where Family Works has found a need it has established and hosted support networks for people who are feeling isolated from their friends and family. Read more about our support networks.

Being a teenager

Growing up sometimes feels like being on a wild roller-coaster. Family Works Central provides a range of services designed specifically for teenagers. Read more about support services for teens.