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Boundaries for Women

Felling drained? Sometimes it can feel like people are taking advantage of our time, love, energy or money. People can ask too much of us, and it can seem difficult to say no.

The Family Works’ Boundaries for Women programme can support you to establish clear, healthy boundaries in your relationships and to maintain, or regain, control of your life.

Boundaries for Women will help you learn how to develop and maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships with partners, children, parents, family, whanau, friends and associates.

You will be supported to develop a healthy self-esteem and gain confidence as you put your learning into practice.

Boundaries for Women is usually run over eight weeks with a two hour session each week.

Topics include:

• what a boundary is and what it looks like in practice
• how unhealthy boundaries can develop and how to change behaviours
• how to communicate your needs clearly
• characteristics and indicators of healthy boundaries and limits.

The group programme caters for eight to 12 women with individual follow-up sessions often available if requested.

Participants say

Women who have previously completed the programme have reported dramatic positive change in their lives as they have implemented changes in how they relate to people around them.

“I now know how to say no, I get that I don’t have to rescue people all the time, I’m stronger now and don’t get involved in what’s not mine.”

“If I had known how to set healthy boundaries twenty years ago, my life would have been very different. I am glad that the future can be better.”

“I have learnt a lot about myself and how I USED to take on other people’s responsibilities as my own. I have NOW gained the skills and have the awareness of how to set boundaries and stand firm with them.”

Upcoming Boundaries for Women programmes

Boundaries for Women is currently available in Whanganui.

For more information, of if you are looking for a similar service in another region, call us on 0800 FAM WORKS or call the Whanganui centre directly.
Support us

Boundaries for Women is only made possible thanks to the support and generosity of our community, including the Whanganui Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS). Click here to make a donation to Family Works or call 0508 TO HELP (that’s 0508 86 4357).


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