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Family violence

No-one should be frightened of, or scared by, someone in their family. It’s never ok for someone in your family to hurt you.

Family violence can take many forms. It’s family violence when someone in your family scares or intimidates you; makes you feel isolated and alone; touches you in a way you don’t like; threatens you; damages property and possessions to scare you; hits, pushes, bites, chokes or strangles you; or makes you feel scared of what might happen next.

At Family Works we want to make sure New Zealand is, truly, the best place in the world to grow up. That means supporting families to live a life free from violence, bullying and neglect.

If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger as a result of family violence or the threat of violence don’t hesitate to call 111 and ask for police.

Support for children and teenagers

Children are affected by family violence whether they see it, hear it or just know about it. It makes them feel scared, anxious and alone. It affects the way they learn, grow and develop. Family Works Central is able to provide specialist support for children and teenagers who have experienced, seen or heard family violence of any kind. This includes:

Support for adults

Healthy relationships, of any kind, are supportive, kind and trusting. It is not ok for someone to use emotional abuse or physical power or abuse to control you. If you’ve experienced family violence, of any kind, Family Works Central is here to support you. The services available include:

Are you controlling, violent or angry?

If you’re struggling to control you anger, or your fists, but don’t want to feel that way, we can support you to choose a better way of dealing with your feelings. This includes: