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Youth mentoring

Youth mentoring is all about supporting kids and teens who are facing challenges in their lives to make positive choices – to make the most out of life!

Family Works youth mentoring, also known as Kewl M8z, is a programme that aims to support young people between the ages of 12 and 16 who are having a tough time and need some extra adult support and encouragement. Our youth mentors listen, support, encourage and guide.

They’re a role model and friend, providing opportunities to have fun and support to make positive changes. Usually, pairs meet for a few hours each week.


Making the right match is important; after all we want our ‘Kewl M8z’ to form lasting relationships.

The matching process may be quick, or it may take some time – it all depends on the gender, personality, location, interests, skills and needs of our young people and mentors.

Become a ‘Kewl M8’

We’re looking for mentors who enjoy life and want to make a positive difference in the life of a young person. It’s fun, rewarding, life changing and makes a real difference!

Kewl M8z mentors are responsible men and women who are 20 years or older and will be role models for their teenage M8z.

The safety and security of the young people our mentors work with is paramount. We check the records (Police and Child, Youth and Family) of each Kewl M8, conduct reference checks, home visits and interviews as part of the application process. Then, while you’re a Kewl M8, we’ll provide ongoing training, supervision and support.

Call us on 06 758 5037 to find out about becoming a Kewl M8.

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