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Working Restoratively with Families

On 17 November 2016 in Wellington, Jim McGrath of Ireland will present ‘Working Restoratively with Families’ – part of Family Works Central’s Professional Development Series.

Following his keynote address at Relate-Resolve-Restore, the Conflict Resolution Conference, Jim will facilitate an interactive workshop exploring the approach needed to work restoratively with families.

Using a mix of theory, practice and personal exploration the learner will be exposed to the ethos which has changed the practices of many social care workers.

The workshop will explore the theory behind restorative parenting, the approach needed to work restoratively with families and the development and progress of the UK’s Restorative Parenting Programme.

Attendees will not only come away with practical tips and a better understanding of the theory behind restorative parenting, they will also have the opportunity to have their questions answered by this internationally-renowned expert.

Jim’s training delivery has been described by practitioners as skillful and insightful. As he says himself; “Training should be fun. I take the learners on a journey from the head, to the heart, to the practice. After 20 years of training I still get that buzz of seeing participants walk out of the room knowing they will put the learning into practice and make a difference”.

To register

Phone: 04 439 4976
Email: Family Works Central


Date: Thursday 17 November 2016
Time: 9am – 3pm
Location: Family Works, 3-5 George Street, Thorndon, Wellington
Cost: NZ$250.00+GST per attendee
Click here to download the Family Works ‘Working Restoratively with Families’ workshop flyer.

More about Jim McGrath

Jim McGrath’s thirty years experience spans social work, mediation, education, youth offending and health. He has an avid interest in whole school and community restorative practices, and believes people need to be more closely involved in community decision-making and problem solving.

In his Northern Ireland homeland he’s been involved in post-conflict mediation and peacebuilding, and was the first person to introduce and run restorative conference in schools.

His organisation, NetCare, was founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting and developing family group conference and restorative approaches to create better parental and child involvement in major decision-making processes.

Today NetCare is at the forefront of family group conference, restorative approaches, neighbourhood dispute resolution and mediation. The NetCare Restorative Parenting Programme, which helps parents respond effectively to conflict, is now the largest restorative parenting programme in the UK and Ireland.

Jim has previously presented keynote speeches, workshops and training on his work to international audiences in Ireland, UK and in Europe.