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Restorative schools workshop

Family Works Central’s Restorative Schools workshop, presented by the UK’s Chris Straker is being held Monday 14 November 2016 in Wellington.

Sitting in circles, singing Kumbaya, threading daisies, talking about feelings… The Restorative Schools workshop examines the experience of creating a restorative school.

International restorative practice expert and teacher, Chris Straker has been at the forefront of the restorative practice in schools movement in the UK.

During this one-day workshop, a precursor to his keynote address at Relate-Resolve-Restore, the Conflict Resolution Conference, Chris will share his personal journey and ‘warts and all’ experience in restorative approaches to leadership within schools and children’s services.

Attendees will gain valuable insight into the behaviours, language and culture change needed for a restorative school.

A key element of the one-day workshop is highlighting that there is no one-size fits all approach. Instead, during this interactive workshop Chris will lead attendees on their own personal journey; participants have the opportunity to bring their own practice and experiences to the room, exploring these through practical group activities and discussion.

To register

Phone: 04 439 4976
Email: Family Works Central


Date: Monday 14 November 2016
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: Family Works, 3-5 George Street, Thorndon, Wellington
Cost: NZ$250.00+GST per attendee

Click here to download the Family Works Restorative Schools workshop flyer.

More about Chris Straker

Chris was a teacher for thirty years, including three years as the English adviser for Hull City Council. He was Head Teacher at Endeavour High School for five years, balancing his time between school and the Hull Centre for Restorative Practice, (which he co-founded with Estelle Macdonald, Head Teacher of Collingwood primary school).

Chris left Endeavour High School in December 2010, to take up a full time post as one of the leads of the Hull Centre for Restorative Practice. During his time there, The Hull Centre was a world leader in restorative practice and its application across agencies working with families and young people.

Chris now works independently drawing on his experience to develop training in restorative approaches to leadership within schools, and children’s services. He has also worked with these agencies on strategic, city-wide, implementation.

Chris has been a speaker at national conferences across the UK; and internationally in the USA, Canada, Hungary and Australia, and he wrote the successful application to get a Comennius grant for Hull to develop restorative practice in Palma, Majorca.

In the May of 2013 Chris was asked to become an Assessor and Consultant for the Restorative Justice Council’s new RSQM award. This sees him working with agencies and schools across the UK, to help them develop their restorative practice as organisations. Chris is also one of two assessors of the Restorative Justice Council’s new trainer quality mark.

Chris is chief author of ‘Restorative Thinking: A Restorative Approaches Interactive Toolkit Written by Teachers, for Teachers (KS3 & KS4)’ and trains secondary schools in effective delivery of this programme.