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Welcome to Family Works Whanganui

Family Works provides a range of services to support children, young people, adults and families in the Whanganui community.

Family Works can provide the following services and support groups in Whanganui. For detailed information about when programmes and services are available please feel free to give us a call.

Social work

Family Works’ social workers are qualified to provide advice, support and advocacy for children, parents and families facing life’s most difficult challenges.
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Family Works counsellors are able to offer counselling support for children, teens and adults, including individuals, couples and families who are facing challenging or difficult times.
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Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) helps families reach agreement on parenting arrangements after a separation or divorce.
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Boundaries for Women

The Family Works Boundaries for Women programme can support you to establish clear, healthy boundaries in your relationships.
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Boundaries with Kids parenting programme

Boundaries with Kids parenting programme is focused on ten principles of happy parenting. It will help you make the shift from enduring to enjoying!
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Free To Be Me

If you have experienced family violence, including verbal, financial or emotional abuse , our Free To Be Me programme will give you the support and confidence you need to feel safe again. We offer programmes for children of various ages and for adults.
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Workplace support

Family Works is an accredited provider of counselling and workplace support services through various Employee Assistance programmes (EAP).
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Out of Gate community reintegration

Family Works can support women being released from Arohata Prison, near Wellington, to settle back into the community after spending time in prison.
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Clinical supervision

For people working in the helping professions, supervision can help you to reflect on your practice and build your knowledge and skills.
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Contact details


Family Works’ Whanganui Centre
Phone: 06 345 6681
Visit: 179 Wicksteed Street, Whanganui
Write to: PO Box 4195, Whanganui