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Friends and family flock to Kandahar
Beryl loved Kandahar so much she convinced her brother-in-law to move in too
Beryl loved Kandahar so much she convinced her brother-in-law to move in too

When Masterton friends Beryl Cotter and Hugh Cotter realised life at home was becoming a struggle, they knew immediately where to go: Enliven’s Kandahar Home.

The pair moved to the home in July this year and haven’t looked back.

87 year-old Beryl explains she’s spent two months at Kandahar Home in 2012 recuperating from an illness, and was more than happy to return.

“When I moved to Kandahar Home the first time it was wonderful, but I was determined to prove to myself that I could get better and go home for a bit, which I did.”

Beryl spent two enjoyable years back in her own home before deciding that it was time to return to her second home; Kandahar.

“Both myself and my brother-in-law, Hugh, noticed that our health was deteriorating; we were getting much more frail, so we decided that the time was right for both of us to make the move to Kandahar Home.”

Beryl and Hugh were delighted to move into rooms next door to each other at Kandahar. “It’s great being so close to each other. We can spend time together and chat whenever we like but now we also get the support that we need.”

And it’s not just Beryl who is happy with the move. “My family is delighted now that I am here. I used to have quite a few falls at home but now they don’t have to worry.”

Kandahar Home Manager Mike Keyworth explains that Kandahar Home is often able to cater for friends or couples who want neighbouring rooms.

“We have couples that use one room as a bedroom and the other as their own private lounge, but we also have people who have been friends for years before moving to Kandahar and they too like neighbouring rooms. Availability means it’s not always possible, but we do try to make it work,” says Mike.

For more information about Kandahar Home call (06) 370 0447.

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