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Future planning with Enliven

Future planning with Enliven

Reevedon Retirement Village in Levin.
Reevedon Retirement Village in Levin.

There are many benefits of moving to an Enliven retirement village, but choosing a place with continuing care is one of the most important, according to Enliven regional manager Kevin Petersen.

“Retirement is about having more time for the things you love, but it’s also about safeguarding your future by making sure you have support available if and when you need it,” says Kevin.

That’s why Enliven offers a full range of positive ageing services in the Horowhenua, including a boutique retirement village, practical in-home support, vibrant rest homes, hospital and dementia care.

Enliven’s Reevedon Retirement Village in Levin is adjacent to Enliven’s Reevedon Home, meaning help is always on hand if it’s needed.

Kevin says that aspect makes Enliven’s homes and villages perfect for couples who need different levels of support.

“If you or your partner needs rest home care, one of you can live in the home, while the other lives at the retirement village next door. That means you’re as close as possible and still enjoy your life together.”

He explains that Enliven also offers short-term respite and convalescent care at its homes.

“People can come to our homes, such as Reevedon Home or Levin Home for War Veterans, for a short stay while they recover from illness or injury, or while their usual carers at home take a break.”

Alternatively, Enliven can also provide in-home support, such as household management, mobility support and personal care, for people living in their own homes.

“We really do offer a full range of services for retirees. People can always give us a call to discuss their needs.”

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