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Annual Reports

Empowering people, families and communities

June 2016:a message from the Board Chair and Chief Executive

Through our Family Works services we supported more than 4,000 children, young people, parents and families. Through our Enliven services we supported more than 5,000 elders and people living with disabilities.

We saw families build resilience and brighter futures. We saw elders celebrating their independence and enjoying their retirement years.

We’ve seen hope, happiness and determination on the faces of those who we work with.

The stories, images, testimonials, proverbs and quotes included in this annual report reflect the life and work of PSC. Through the stories and photos of our clients, residents, staff and volunteers we aim to offer you a glimpse into our work, our communities and our successes. Through the calendar images and inspirational quotes we aim to offer you a demonstration of our values, our purpose and our work towards improving the outcomes for vulnerable members of our communities.

The highlights

For Enliven, our commitment to ensuring elders have companionship, variety, spontaneity and meaningful activity in their lives remains front of mind. In the 12 months to June 2016, Enliven’s Eden Alternative journey has gained significant traction. We now have three homes with full Eden certification and many others are well on their way to achieving this status. This elder-directed model and focus on holistic wellbeing means that we don’t have the rates of transition from rest home to dementia or hospital care that we had previously. In some cases people are even being able to return home. It’s certainly creating positive and lasting change.

During the past year Family Works Central has continued to cement itself as leading and trusted social service provider. We’re both embedded in communities and well connected with government through our relationships with the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice, Department of Corrections and Ministry of Education. One highlight that stands out for Family Works has been the adoption of the UK’s Family Solutions model. This unique, evidence-based model formalises our wrap-around approach to working with whole family units and is gaining positive interest from Government. For clients the approach means the support is tailored to individual circumstances – intensive at first but developing over time to match the needs of the family and whānau.

The challenges

For many years we’ve been operating in a rapidly changing and extremely challenging environment. This year has been no different.

Amongst the challenges – the low hospital occupancy in our homes impacting on the bottom line, zero increase in social services funding and the loss of the Capital and Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs’ Home and Community Support contract. The loss of this contract has highlighted the competitive funding environment we operate in; while the satisfaction in the service we provide was high (both amongst the DHBs and clients), the DHBs elected to go with a low cost model and selected a single provider of these services for the region.

While we may face challenges, this is not new. Instead each challenge brings an opportunity to reassess, re-evaluate and find new ways of supporting our communities. As we look to the future we continue to be seen as a credible, flexible and wide-reaching provider.

The future

The competitive funding environment highlights the need for us to invest in our own future. The performance of our investment portfolio and the dedicated fundraising efforts continue to make a huge difference.

This year we have also reviewed and updated PSC’s Statement of Strategic Intent 2016-26 (summarised in our Annual Report) to ensure our direction is robust, sustainable and future focused.

Of particular note is our commitment to developing our property portfolio. The aim here is to ensure a strong and sustainable base to support our social services. The management team is working closely with the Property Committee and Board in developing a 10 year Property Development Plan. This work plan is likely to involve both the development of current sites, increasing our license to occupy retirement villa numbers and looking at new developments as well. We are hopeful to be able to announce start dates for two major projects in the second half of 2016.

Through this we will focus on our purpose, to empower people, families and communities and ensure our values drive us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our communities

Thank you

At PSC we are hugely grateful for the response from our supporters, members and volunteers. The partnerships we have with these individuals, groups and philanthropic organisations are vital to achieving positive and lasting change in our communities. Together are making a difference and for that we can not thank you enough.

Peter Sherwin, Chairman and Chris Graham, Chief Executive


2015-16 Annual Report

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