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Huntleigh resident sees kiwi for the first time

Huntleigh resident sees kiwi for the first time

150420_EL_Huntleigh kiwi trip_Colin Murray 1
Huntleigh Home resident Colin Murray.

Ninety-three year old Colin Murray had never seen a kiwi, so Huntleigh Home, where he’s lived for almost a year, set out to change that.

A van full of residents and staff from Enliven’s Huntleigh Home in Karori took a road trip to Waikanae’s Nga Manu Nature Reserve recently so residents could see a kiwi up-close.

For Colin the trip was a special day.

“We saw two kiwi in a great big enclosure and they were walking up and down. I’d seen pictures of kiwi but seeing the real thing is different – I thought they were great,” says Colin.

“I think it’s important for New Zealanders to see kiwi up close. Kiwi are a New Zealand icon and here I am at the age of 93 and I’d never even seen one!”

Colin says seeing a real kiwi for the first time was a highlight of the trip, but it wasn’t the only first experience he had at the nature reserve.

“One of the staff arranged for us to see a tuatara up close and we were able to touch it – that was another first for me!”

After seeing the kiwi and the tuatara the residents spent time watching the eel feeding and fed the many hungry ducks that roamed the reserve.

Huntleigh recreation officer Gwen Esler who helped organise the trip says it was a privilege to experience Colin seeing his first kiwi.

150420_EL_Huntleigh kiwi trip_Colin Murray 2
Colin feeds the ducks.

“Colin has lived at Huntleigh Home for almost a year and he said in passing one day that he’s 93 and he’s never seen a real life kiwi, so we arranged for him to have the opportunity,” Gwen explains.

“A couple of kiwi were pottering about the enclosure and Colin was absolutely rapped – you could see in his eyes just how much the trip meant to him.”

Enliven’s Huntleigh Home, located at 221 Karori Road in Karori, is owned by the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central and specialises in rest home and hospital level care. For more information about Huntleigh Home, call 04 464 2020, email huntleigh@psc.org.nz or click here.

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