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Huntleigh residents enjoy pet day

Huntleigh residents enjoy pet day

Huntleigh Home resident Christine Goodfellow with one of the dogs at Pet Day.

Relationships are being formed between the elders of a Karori rest home and students from a local school.

Enliven’s Huntleigh Home has formed a close relationship with Karori’s Makara Model School, and recently rest home residents headed to the school’s annual Pet Day.

Huntleigh Home recreation officer Gwen Esler says this is the third consecutive year residents from the home have attended the school’s special event.

“This year it was a beautiful, sunny day, there was an entertaining pet parade, lots of singing and the residents had a great time,” says Gwen.

Gwen says having a relationship with Makara School is an important part of the home’s model of care, the Eden Alternative, which encourages close and continuing contact with children and the community.

“As well as attending the pet day, we have regular visits from the children, who come to our home and spend time with the elders,” explains Gwen.

“There is a natural connection between children and elders and they absolutely love it when the children from Makara School come for their monthly visits.”

Makara School principal Gail Dewar says having a good relationship with Huntleigh Home is beneficial for the students, too.

“We have seen some amazing connections between our children and the residents and we think it is really important for children to appreciate older people in the community and what they have to offer us all,” Principal Dewar explains.

“At our Pet Day I was watching the Huntleigh residents during the children’s performance and the expressions of pure joy on their faces as they enjoyed the singing and performing from the children was precious. It is a relationship that we all value highly.”

Huntleigh Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central. The home provides rest home and hospital level care, as well as short term respite and health recovery care from its central location at 221 Karori Road in Karori.

For more information about Huntleigh Home, call 04 464 2020 or click here.

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