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Kandahar Court: too to engaging turn down

Kandahar Court: too to engaging turn down

Kandahar Court registered nurse Lynda Dawkins.
Kandahar Court registered nurse Lynda Dawkins.

The vibrant atmosphere and buzzing social life at Enliven’s Kandahar Court in Masterton is enough to entice a person out of retirement.

Registered nurse Lynda Dawkins is testament to that. The Auckland women moved from the city to the Wairarapa for “a quiet life in the country” in April 2013.

“I moved from Auckland to live in the country, but then I decided it was a bit too quiet,” she explains.

Lynda volunteered briefly at Kandahar Court before taking on a casual role as a registered nurse at the home, which specialises in residential care for people with dementia.

“My nursing career has always been focused on working with the elderly, then I got specifically into dementia care, so it’s something I’ve very familiar with and I’m passionate about.”

For Lynda, Kandahar Court keeps her active during her semi-retirement and means she can continue doing what she loves most; supporting people with dementia and their families.

“Having worked in dementia care for so long, this place just felt good. I’ve been very happy since I started here.”

Lynda says the atmosphere and busy social life at Kandahar Court is what made her want to return to the workforce.

“It’s important to build trust with the residents by getting to know them and Kandahar really encourages that. While the medical side of things is taken care of, we also focus on the social and emotional side of people’s wellbeing.”

Kandahar Court embraces the Spark of Life philosophy; a practical approach to dementia care that concentrates on connecting with the person with dementia and understanding their perspective.

“It’s about creating a true heart-to-heart connection and understanding their perspective so you can provide both the emotional and physical care they need.”

Kandahar Court is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and specialises in dementia care.

Kandahar Court also provides respite care and a day programme that gives family carers a chance to take a break and provides elders with opportunities for socialising, making friends and staying active.

For more information about Kandahar Court, located at 2 Colombo Road in Lansdowne, Masterton, call 06 370 0449 or click here.

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    just saying hi to an old friend Lynda Dawkins (old in the way of having known you over the years Jinx), and your workplace looks lovely!

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