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Kandahar gives peace of mind

Kandahar gives peace of mind

Kandahar Home resident Barbara Ritchie.
Kandahar Home resident Barbara Ritchie.

For Masterton woman Barbara Ritchie, moving into a rest home was a welcome change of address and a new adventure.

After spending two weeks at Enliven’s Kandahar Home for health recovery, Ms Ritchie decided right then and there that she wanted to make Kandahar her permanent home.

“I loved the staff and the atmosphere so I decided that it was the place for me. We did the paper work and I moved in one month later.”

Three months on, Barbara says she made the right choice.

“There’s always someone to talk to so I never get lonely. I’ve got people around me all the time if I want, but I can be by myself when I want as well.”

Living at Kandahar gives Barbara peace of mind because there is always help when she needs it.

“I got to the point where I couldn’t really manage by myself. When I was living by myself I would panic if anything went wrong, but in here there’s always someone nearby to help me.”

Barbara says she’s often taking part in activities and chatting with the other residents around the home, but her room is always a nice retreat.

“There’s always something to keep me active and entertained. I’ve been very happy since I came here.”

Enliven’s Kandahar Home offers Respite and Convalescent Care for people who require short term care and support. These services are available following surgery or illness, or if their usual carer is not available for a period of time.

People staying at Kandahar Home for respite or convalescent care enjoy the full Kandahar Home experience with their own furnished room, shared lounges, meals, social activities and residents outings.

“Having 10 days health recovery at Kandahar was a good way of seeing what the place was like,” says Barbara.

“It made me feel certain that it was the place for me.”

Kandahar offers rest home, hospital and dementia care services. To find out more about Kandahar Home located at 8 Roberts Road in Masterton, click here. 

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