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Kandahar: helping families coping with dementia

Kandahar: helping families coping with dementia

Husband and wife Rex and Raewyn Davies.
Husband and wife Rex and Raewyn Davies.

Dementia can put a strain on family life, meaning that living together isn’t always an option.

This was the case for Wairarapa locals Raewyn and Rex Davies, who were forced to live separately following Rex’s diagnosis with frontal lobe short term dementia.

“His behaviour slowly started changing – he would get easily agitated and do careless things,” says Raewyn.

“I was his carer for two years but it became very hard, especially when I realised I couldn’t leave him by himself anymore.”

That’s when the couple found Enliven’s Kandahar Court in Lansdowne, a home created specifically for people with dementia.

“We’d been looking for homes that offer dementia care and this place was just so open and welcoming,” Raewyn explains.

“Some homes we went to felt like prisons, but Kandahar isn’t like that. It’s a totally different feel here.”

Raewyn says the day Rex moved in she could tell that Kandahar was the best place for him to be.

“The staff came out to the car straight away and talked to him like he was a relative. They took him inside and he saw his new room for the first time – the smile on his face was a transformation. He was a totally different man.”

Rex has lived at Kandahar Court for more than a year now and Raewyn says they couldn’t be happier with the quality of care.

“It was a good choice coming to Kandahar because the staff really make an effort and Rex is happy. It’s friendly and it feels like home, and they make an effort to make me feel at home here, too,” says Raewyn.

“They invite me to come for lunch, and one day they dressed up a romantic table for two in Rex’s room with candles and our own waiter. I was absolutely blown away.”

Kandahar Court provides residential dementia care, respite care, and an engaging day activity programme. Kandahar Court’s sister site, Kandahar Home, offers rest home and hospital level care services.

To find out more about Kandahar Court, located at 2 Colombo Road in Lansdowne, Masterton, call 06 370 0449. For more information about Kandahar Home, located at 8 Roberts Road in Lansdowne, call 06 370 0447.

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