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Kandahar Home ‘like family’ for volunteer

Kandahar Home ‘like family’ for volunteer

Kandahar Home volunteer David Rolls.

For Masterton retiree David Rolls, nothing in life is more rewarding than spreading joy and laughter.

That’s why he signed up to volunteer at Enliven’s Kandahar Home in Lansdowne, where he is doing exactly that while helping out with indoor bowls once a week.

“I wanted to fill in some time by doing something positive,” David explains.

“If I didn’t volunteer I’d be sitting about probably. It’s about getting involved and having fun with them. I give them a bit of cheek and they give it right back – It’s like a big new family.”

For David, the friendships and the satisfaction he feels from volunteering keeps him coming back for more.

“I make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun. There’s always a lot of laughter and the residents really miss you when you go away, me being around is obviously having an effect on them.”

It also helps that he lives in one of Kandahar’s rental retirement units, meaning Kandahar Home is just a 20 metre walk away.

“I’ve lived in my unit for just over two years now so I’ve had a bit to do with the home before I started volunteering there.”

David’s other volunteering commitments keep him busy so he mostly sticks to helping with bowls for no

w, but he says Kandahar makes an effort to fit in with his schedule.

“They’re very flexible and I like that there’s no pressure, it’s just when I can do it.”

Kandahar manager Mike Keyworth says Kandahar Home and sister-site Kandahar Court are always looking for volunteers to assist with activities and spend time with the residents.

“We’d love to have more people to help us out with activities such as arts and crafts, social events, providing entertainment, driving the home’s van and assisting on outings, or simply visiting to chat with the residents.”

Kandahar Home is located at 8 Roberts Road in Lansdowne, Masterton, and provides rest home, hospital, respite and health recovery care as well as a day programme. Kandahar Court, located at 2 Colombo Road in Lansdowne, provides specialised dementia care, respite and a day programme.

If you want to make a difference to the lives of residents at Kandahar, have fun and form friendships at the same time, email support@psc.org.nz or call 0508 TO HELP.

To find out more about Kandahar Home or Kandahar Court, call 0800 36 54 83 [that’s 0800 ENLIVEN] or click here.

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