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Kandahar Home’s pick of the bunch

Kandahar Home’s pick of the bunch

Kandahar administrator Lisa Forbes next to Kandahar's winning sunflower.
Kandahar administrator Lisa Forbes next to Kandahar’s winning sunflower.

Enliven’s Kandahar Home in Masterton has taken first place in Enliven Central’s inaugural Sunflower Growing Competition with a monstrous pick of the bunch.

Since 1 October last year, residents and staff at Enliven’s rest homes across the lower North Island have been tending to their sunflowers in an effort to grow the biggest and best. Following judging last week Kandahar Home emerged the winner. Its sunflower measured 2.4 metres high, with a flower diameter of 36 centimetres and a seed head of 22 centimetres.

Competition judge and gardening enthusiast Rose Jordan says the sunflowers were judged on their height, the diameter of the flower head, the seed head, and the brilliance of colour.

“There were some amazing entries and some of the sunflowers were huge. Everyone has done a wonderful job and will receive their prizes next week,” says Rose.

Kandahar Home manager Mike Keyworth says residents and staff worked together to plant and nurture multiple sunflowers around the home, but one in particular had the biggest growth spurt.

“It’s an impressive size and the resident who planted it had never grown sunflowers before,” Mike explains.

“Maybe his background in horticulture helped. Other residents and staff planted sunflowers and none of them grew to the same enormity as this one – it’s hard to believe they all came from the same packet of seeds!”

Mike says interaction with other Enliven homes is always a bit of fun because Enliven, part of Presbyterian Support Central, has 15 rest homes between Wellington and Taranaki.

“There’s nothing better than some fun competition between homes. Our residents and staff are working together with a goal in mind, and it gives a great sense of accomplishment when they finish.”

Enliven’s Kandahar Home offers rest home, hospital and respite care, as well as dementia care at nearby sister-site Kandahar Court. Click here for more information about Kandahar. 

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