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Kandahar makes the move easier

Kandahar makes the move easier

Kandahar resident Josephine with Lola the dog.
Kandahar resident Josephine feels right at home at Kandahar.

Moving to a rest home can be a difficult time for all involved.

Mike Keyworth, manager of Enliven’s Kandahar Home and Kandahar Court in Masterton, says often elders and their families experience a range of emotions leading up to and during the move to a rest home. But the Kandahar team is committed to doing everything it can to make the transition easier.

“Moving into Enliven care is a change of address, not a change of lifestyle, but it can take time for elders, and their families, to adjust to the change,” says Mike.

“To help with this, we empower elders moving to Kandahar to be part of the decision making process.”

He says at Kandahar elders are given the opportunity to choose their own room wherever possible.

“And we encourage family to set up the room in advance with their familiar furniture, photos and ornaments so it starts off feeling like home. They can even choose to completely redecorate the room if they like!”

Mike explains that the more information family members can give staff about the person joining the home the better.

“Help us get to know your loved one so we can make them feel more at home. This includes giving us an insight to their personality, likes and dislikes, their hobbies and their background, so we can better connect with them and support them to maintain their routines and continue with their interests.”

Enliven homes use a unique model of care called the Eden Alternative, which encourages residents to maintain their independence and have meaning and purpose in their lives.

“Moving into care can make the person feel like they’ve lost their independence, but at Kandahar residents are pleased to discover that we help them to continue doing the things they’ve always done,” says Mike.

“We allow pets to move in with their owners, there are no set visiting hours, residents can decorate their rooms however they want, they’re encouraged to continue with hobbies or take up new ones, go out with friends and family or have loved ones join them for a meal, and they have a say in how their home is run. After all, this is their home.”

Kandahar Home and Kandahar Court are operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and are both located in Lansdowne, Masterton.

The homes provide a full spectrum of support including rest home, hospital, and dementia care as well as rental retirement units. Both homes are also able to offer short-term respite or health recovery care.

For more information about Kandahar Home or Kandahar Court call 0800 36 54 83.

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