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Kandahar: more than medical

Kandahar: more than medical

Kandahar Court enrolled nurse Pauline Anderson.
Kandahar Court enrolled nurse Pauline Anderson.

Improving the day-to-day living of elders and supporting them to thrive is a passion for Kandahar Court enrolled Nurse Pauline Anderson, who says looking after a person’s medical needs isn’t enough.

With 20 years’ experience in nursing, Pauline says her approach has never been solely focused on the medical side of things.

“My whole nursing approach is based on person-centred care. It’s always been my philosophy,” says Pauline.

“That means looking after their entire wellbeing, like making sure they’re still doing things for themselves so they don’t feel helpless, and that they never feel bored or lonely.”

That’s why Pauline has spent half her nursing career working at Enliven’s Kandahar Home and Kandahar Court in Landsdowne, Masterton.

“I’ve worked for Kandahar for 10 years and five of those years have been spent at Kandahar Court, a home specifically for people with dementia,” Pauline explains.

“I like that Kandahar uses the Eden Alternative model of care – Eden gives us direction and the freedom to provide truly person-centred care.”

The Eden Alternative is an elder-directed model of care embraced by all Enliven homes which uses 10 principles that touch on ideas such as variety and spontaneity, companionship, contact with children and animals, continuing hobbies and meaningful activity.

“Because we live and breathe Eden it’s very spontaneous here. The residents are involved in making decisions for themselves and we never forget that this is their home, not ours.”

Pauline says the key to providing the best possible care is building positive relationships with the residents and their family/whānau.

“For the person coming to live with us we like to find out about who they are as a person and what their interests are so we know how to make them feel at home.”

Pauline says most importantly, at Kandahar Home and Kandahar Court no one is treated like a number.

“We think of these people as our grandmas, granddads, mums and dads. We treat them how we would want our own family to be treated – with dignity and respect.”

Kandahar Court is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and specialises in dementia care. Kandahar Court also offers respite care and a day programme for the family carer to take a break.

For more information about Kandahar Court, located at 2 Colombo Road in Lansdowne, Masterton, call 06 370 0449, for Kandahar Home, call 06 370 0447, or click here for more information about Enliven’s philosophy in dementia care.

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