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Kandahar’s artist in residence
Melva has set up her own artist studio at Kandahar Home
Melva has set up her own artist studio at Kandahar Home

Masterton’s Kandahar Home has its very own artist in residence. 84-year-old Melva Arden has been a resident at Kandahar home for 11 months, and a keen painter for as long as she can remember.

Unsure if she’d be able to continue enjoying her hobbies, like painting, when she moved to a rest home, Melva was pleased to find the move to Kandahar Home was more a change of address than a change of lifestyle.

“Everyone here has really encouraged me to keep up with my painting. They’ve even set up a special painting room for me. I have my easel in there and all my paints so that I can go down and paint whenever I feel like it. It’s great!”

Raised in the depression, Melva spent much of her childhood moving around the country with her family so that her father could find work. She explains they often ended up living in rural areas where her father worked on farms.

“I think that it was good for me, as I got to see lots of different places, it made me adaptable, and gave me a love for the outdoors,” recalls Melva.

Today Melva’s love of the outdoors is clearly shown in the numerous landscape paintings that adorn her walls.

“I love to paint bright landscapes using acrylic paints,” explains Melva. “My favourite landscapes include the sea, native trees, and flowers. I think it’s important to bring life to paintings too, so including animals and people is important.”

Rooms are now available at Enliven’s Kandahar Home. For more information call the home on 06 370 0447 or email Kandahar@psc.org.nz

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