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Keeping active with Enliven
Ida Bale is a regular social club attendee
Ida Bale is a regular social club attendee

Nintey two year old Karaka Bay resident Ida Bale, doesn’t let her age and a bad back get in the way of her social calendar.

Ida spends three days a week at Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home day activity programme in Berhampore, and says that she wouldn’t miss it for the world.

“I’ve been coming to the day activity programme for seven years now and I love it so much that I have only ever missed a few sessions. I look forward to it every week and have made some really good friends.”

Ida started attending the day activity programme when she could no longer drive, and was starting to feel very isolated and lonely.

“I used to have a good network of friends in my local area, but gradually I lost them all and my social group broke down. Then I was told I couldn’t drive anymore which was a real blow – I felt completely cut off and had to get my son to take me everywhere,” says Ida.

Ida’s doctor suggested that attending the day activity programme at Kilmarnock Heights Home would be a good way to meet some new people, stay active and get out and about.

“I come to the home twice a week and stay for lunch and most of the afternoon. They pick me up in the morning and I join in with all of the activities that they are doing. Sometimes its crosswords, housie, craft, or indoor bowls, and we go out on bus trips too.”

Ida says that the two days at Kilmarnock Heights Home make her tired, but it’s worth it to see her friends and also the staff at the home. “Everyone is so lovely here; it’s like having a big extended family.”

“When the time comes for me to move into a rest home then I would come here without a doubt!”

To find out more about the day activity programme at Kilmarnock Heights Home, call (04) 380 2034.

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  1. Ida’s time has come to move into Kilmarnock rest home.I am sure she will be very happy.I will certainly visit her there in the future.She has often spoken to me in glowing terms about Kilmarnock.Ida is my sister. regards,Bill Fagan

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