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Mayor visits Kandahar Home

Mayor visits Kandahar Home

Masterton Mayor Lyn Patterson paid a special visit to the residents of Enliven’s Kandahar Home this week to share how her first year as mayor has been and to display her mayoral chains.

Mayor Lyn Patterson shows Kandahar resident Dorothy her mayoral chains.web resized
Mayor Lyn Patterson shows Kandahar resident Dorothy Butcher her mayoral chains.

Kandahar recreation officer Karen Bidlake says the mayor drew a great turnout and the residents had the opportunity to ask questions about herself and her plans for Masterton.

“She’s Masterton’s first female mayor and I knew our residents would love the opportunity to meet her and hear about what is going on in our local community.”

Mayor Patterson told the residents her first year has been challenging yet rewarding.

“It’s definitely a busy job. The best advice I have been given as mayor is that it’s important to make time for yourself and your family.”

The mayor wore her mayoral chain which she passed around the room for the residents to look at.

“There’s a lot of history in these name plates,” she says. “We have a lot to be thankful for with what my predecessors have accomplished for this town.”

In her speech the mayor told the crowd how much she supports Kandahar Home and appreciates the work of volunteers and those working in aged care.

“We should celebrate our volunteers and the people who are helping others in our community and making a difference.”

Before her departure, the mayor helped serve tea and coffee accompanied by an assortment of sweet treats made by the staff and residents.

Kandahar resident Dorothy Butcher says she enjoyed meeting the mayor and is happy to see more women in leading roles.

“It was really great, she’s a very humble person and it’s nice to see a woman wearing that chain.”

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