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Musical notes at Huntleigh Home
Arleen and Davina singing.
Arlene and Davina singing.

There are few things Huntleigh Home resident Arlene Hudson likes more than sitting in front of a piano and playing.

The 90 year old, who has five daughters and ten grandchildren, still enjoys playing classical music, and does so for the residents at Huntleigh Home in Karori.

American born Arlene has had a busy life travelling throughout the United State, but classical music has always been important to her and her family.

She has played music since she was little, but got formal teaching for the age of 15.

Arlene says music is an integral part of one’s life.

She got her children interested in music, and credits a wonderful teacher she had for her children while in Hawaii.

Later on, Arlene started teaching piano herself, which she found most rewarding.

Arlene came to New Zealand with one of her daughters, who was offered a position at the New Zealand School of Music. Now, having lived at Huntleigh Home for almost two years, Arlene is content. “Huntleigh is a fine facility for people who can no longer live independently and has excellent caregivers. I get the support I need and still get to continue with all of the things I want to do.”

Arlene’s daughter and her husband bought her a piano to have in her new home, and Arlene is very grateful.

Although Arlene does not like to be critiqued by an audience, she likes to make music for all who enjoy listening. When she plays the beautiful sounds float across the courtyard and most of the other residents can hear from other parts of the building.
“Music is inside us all.” “If I have been given these hands and they can help people, I will use them.”

Enliven’s Huntleigh Home follows the Eden philosophy, which encourages residents to take part in meaningful activity. Meaningful activity is different for everyone. For Arlene, music means a lot to her, and the ability to share her gift with others is very important.

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