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New chicks at Kandahar Home

New chicks at Kandahar Home

Kandahar Home resident Laurie Uren with the home’s new chooks.

Enliven’s Kandahar Home in Lansdowne is now home to six new feathery residents, who are proving to be popular additions to the home.

Mike Keyworth, manager of Kandahar Home and Kandahar Court, says Kandahar bought six chickens after residents mentioned they would like to make use of the home’s empty chicken coop.

“We already had a chook house but it was empty until a few residents said they were willing to be involved with looking after the chickens if we got them, so we went ahead and did it,” says Mike.

“We’ve had the chooks for a month now and people have been very keen to help out. Two residents take turns in collecting the eggs and we sell the eggs to pay for the upkeep of the chooks, plus any leftover money goes towards our recreation programme.”

Kandahar Home resident and egg collector Laurie Uren says he is enjoying his job at the home.

“The home organises the food and I collect the eggs. I enjoy doing it and it’s really great that the staff are getting involved,” says Laurie.

The chickens lay about four eggs a day, which isn’t quite keeping up with demand Laurie explains.

“We don’t get enough eggs to fill all the orders that are coming in!”

Laurie says living at Kandahar Home is like living in a big house with a big family.

“Basically I thought I struck gold when I moved in here because everyone is so nice. I love Lola, the manager’s dog who comes to visit almost every day, and I like that the home has lots of animals around.”

Mike says having animals at Kandahar Home ties-in with the home’s Eden Alternative philosophy, an elder-directed model of care that combats loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

“Animals can be looked after and nurtured by residents, they can be relaxing and comforting when held, and they’re always interesting to watch,” Mike explains.

“Going to the chook house to collect the eggs gives Laurie a job to do, and having responsibilities helps to give life meaning and purpose. Plus it’s something he gets a lot of enjoyment from doing – he likes helping out.”

Kandahar Home and sister-site Kandahar Court are operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provide a full spectrum of rest home support including, rest home, hospital, and dementia care. Both homes are also able to offer short-term respite and health recovery care.

Kandahar Home is located at 8 Roberts Road in Lansdowne, Masterton. For more information call 06 370 0447 or click here.

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