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‘No regrets’ at Abingdon Village

‘No regrets’ at Abingdon Village

Abingdon Village resident Krina Fitchet.

No longer wanting the stress of dealing with property maintenance is what enticed Whanganui retiree Krina Fitchet to look into retirement village life.

That’s when she found Enliven’s Abingdon Retirement Village on St Johns Hill.

“I’ve lived in Whanganui all my life. I have driven past Abingdon countless times but never really noticed the place because it’s enclosed by trees. When you drive in it opens out so beautifully and I thought it was definitely a place I could live,” Krina explains.

So with the perfect place found, she sold her house and moved into one of the 14 English cottage-like villas at Abingdon in May this year.

“I have never felt so relaxed and calm about doing anything in my life. Everything has just fallen into place for me here,” says Krina.

“I like the layout, the sighting of the complex and the peacefulness of the place. It’s a wonderful setting, it really is.”

Aesthetics aside, Krina says Abingdon Village ticked all the boxes to suit her busy lifestyle, including affordability, privacy, and peace of mind.

“I still want to be able to travel so I wanted somewhere affordable.

“Plus each villa is built in such a way that it’s private, you’ve still got your own place but you don’t have to w

orry about the maintenance of it.”

The future was also on Krina’s mind when choosing Abingdon. She was impressed by the additional support services available from Enliven, including practical in-home support, daily meals in the village community house, and rest home, hospital, respite and health recovery care at Kowhainui Home, also operated by Enliven, if needed.

“It’s peace of mind for my daughter. Yes I’m fit and healthy today but who knows what will happen tomorrow,” says Krina.

“It’s nice to have the [community] house there as a meeting area for everybody, and the village coordinators coming around to make sure we’re happy with everything. They obviously have their eye on everybody whether you notice it or not, and that gives you peace of mind.

“I certainly have no regrets moving here.”

Enliven is part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central. Any surpluses generated are used to improve and develop its Enliven and Family Works services and facilities.

Abingdon Retirement Village is located at 22 Oakland Avenue, St John’s Hill in Whanganui. To find out more about Abingdon Village, call the village agent, John Bell, on 06 349 1494, or click here.

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