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Plant donations flood in for Cashmere Heights Home

Plant donations flood in for Cashmere Heights Home

Cashmere Heights Home plant stall is open for business.

The community is backing a new initiative that sees Johnsonville elders getting close to nature and having their wishes granted.

Enliven’s Cashmere Heights Home has launched a plant stall to raise funds for the home’s Random Acts of Kindness initiative which will see a wish of one of the home’s elders granted each month.

Recreation officer Kirsty Glasgow says since a call went out for donations, the home has been inundated with don

ations of cuttings, pots and soil from the community and local restoration group Woodridge Planters.

Peter Gilbert from Woodridge Planters has been involved as a volunteer with Enliven’s Cashmere Home and Cashmere Heights Home since 2010 and jumped at the chance to support the planting project and associated Random Acts of Kindness initiative.

“It’s really important for people to be stimulated and have something to look forward to, so it’s a very worthwhile cause.”

He’s also an avid supporter of the residents’ involvement with planting and growing the cuttings.

“It’s a really neat activity because it’s therapeutic, it’s social, and the residents are reminded about the time they have spent in their gardens in the past. They chat together and they enjoy it,” says Peter.

“They’re also making a contribution to society because some of the plants that they grow are donated directly back to the community for planting in public reserves and schools. Some of these plants could be around for hundreds of years, so it’s very much about the future.”

Cashmere Heights Home is inviting members of the community to visit their plant stall, which is located out the front entrance of the home.

“Anybody is welcome to come and get plants in exchange for a donation. All the plants are less than $10 each and people can pay by cash at reception. We are also able to fill bulk orders, thanks to support from Woodridge Planters, for people who want to cover a larger area with plants,” Says Kirsty.

The home is also looking for volunteers to help with their plant group by assisting residents to prepare the plants and to re-stock the stall as needed. To express your interest in volunteering, email kirsty.glasgow@psc.org.nz

For more information about Cashmere Heights Home, located at 16 Helston Road in Johnsonville, or Enliven’s other homes and services near you, call 0508 ENLIVEN (that’s 0508 36 54 83) or click here

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